This is a partial list....much, much more!

Auction will not be cancelled due to weather.  Parking lot will be plowed early.

Vintage Cameras & Accessory Collection:  85 Lots-Univex 8mm, Yashica, Twindar Lens, Gevabox-Germany, Baby Brownie, Ansco Clipper, Brownie Official Girl Scout camera #620, Cub Scout-Boy Scouts of America #620, Traveler120 PHO-Tak Corp., Vrede box-Germany, Brownie Bullet-Kodak, Argus 45 Anastigmat, Brownie Bull's Eye-Kodak, Agfa Isoflash Rapid-Germany, Brownie Hawkeye-Kodak + accessories


Collectibles:  Galvanized items-washtub, bread box, Clean Easy-4 gallon glass jar-Star Ben H. Anderson Mfg. Co-Madison, WI, electric oil lamp, Crystal coffee grinder, Royal Swirl fine china, wooden canes, butter churn, rolling pin, matchbox holder, meat grinder, bean pot, Coach purse, quilt rack, wood wall, shelf, mirror frame, marbles, hay hook, needlepoint cat framed pictures, Avon, English leather riding boots 9.5, ironing board for sleeves, games, mirrors, 78 rpm records, books Furniture: piano stool, caned chairs, Victorian upholstered chair

Household: Cuisine set-NIB, assorted pots & pans, enamel/cast iron roaster, Sterling ice cream maker-5 quart, Corningware, French press, 30 quart stockpot-NIB, wall clocks, ice tea goblets, picture frames, photo albums, baskets, luggage, Omron blood pressure cuff, glassware, kitchen items, bread maker, Xmas tree 7.5', decorative glass items, heated foot massager, runner, rotating image projector light, cotton candy stainless steel bowl, puzzles, stuffed animals, linens, stainless steel floor shelf,  

Furniture: drop leaf coffee table, 4 dining chairs, storage chest with baskets, 

Electronics: radio scanner, 5 disc carousel CD changer, Hitachi surround sound with sub woofer, Sentry wireless head phones, Uniden Bearcat scanner, video cassette recorder


Tools: pipe & monkey wrenches, sockets, shredder, ice skate blades


Coin List - selling @ 2:00 pm Approx.

1.    1817 US Large cent. Nice shape 203 years old 

2.    1830 US Large cent Nice shape 190 years old 

3.    1859 US Indian cent. 1st year Indian cent very fine detail 

4.    1865 US three cent nickel piece nice shape Civil war era coin 

5.    4- Scarce date Wheat cents 1915, 1915-D, 1925-D, 1931-D all Ex-nice shape 

6.    1942 Very fine shape Silver Walking Liberty half 90% Silver 

7.    1943 fine + shape Silver Walking Liberty half 90% Silver 

8.    1944 fine + shape Silver Walking Liberty half 90% Silver 

9.    1945 Ex- nice shape Silver Walking Liberty half 90% Silver 

10.  1936 Ex-nice shape Silver Walking Liberty half 90% Silver 

11.  1899-O Silver Dollar. Nice shape 90% Silver 

12.  1922 AU. Almost uncirculated shape Silver Dollar 90% Silver 

13.  1921-D Ex-Fine shape Silver Dollar 90% Silver 

14.  1922-D Ex-fine shape Silver Dollar 90% Silver 

15.  1925 Ex-nice shape Silver Dollar 90% Silver 

16.  24-Buffalo nickels 1916 to 1937 

17.  8- Older date Silver Mercury dimes 1919 to 1939 90% Silver 

18.  10-older date Silver Mercury dimes all in 30’s 90% Silver 

19.  10-older date Silver Mercury dimes all in 30’s. 90% Silver 

20.  12- Silver Mercury dimes 1918 to 1945 90% Silver 

21.  12-Silver Mercury dimes 1918 to 1945. 90% Silver 

22.  1935 & 1957 Silver Certificates. Ex-nice shape 

23.  1928 old Two Dollar Bill. Ex-nice shape Red seal 

24.  1953 Five Dollar Silver Certificate Ex-nice shape 

25.  1928 old Twenty Dollar Bill. Nice shape 

26.  1967 US Special Mint Set. 40% Silver half. Only sets made in 1967 

27.  1974 US mint set 2-sets 2-Ike Dollars 

28.  1997 US Silver Proof set. Sharp 90% Silver Proof coins 

29.  1985 US Proof set. Sharp Proof coins 

     30.  1994 US Proof set Sharp Proof coins 


Terms: Cash, checks, credit cards + $4. fee, 10% Buyers Fee, 5.5% sales tax,

not responsible  for accidents, guarantees or warranties.

All items sold "as is."  Please remove purchases day of sale.

WI REG. AUCTIONEER: A. G. Hawley #256 & Johnny Hawley #2072

 2669 County Rd. P, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 
Taking Quality Consignments & Estates 

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